Simple Items $7.00 Set up Fee plus 0.75 cents per character

Charms Pens
Money Clips Brass Plates
Key Chains Flatware

Specialty Items $15 set up Fee plus 0.75 cents per character

Knives Swords
Vases Large Trays
Flasks Stethoscope
Gun Stock Baby Cups

Yeti Cups $15 set up Fee plus 0.75 cents per character

Simple Image $75
Complex Image $100 +
All images must be photo ready and black & white

Glass Engraving
$25 set up fee plus 0.75cents per character

Inside ring engraving $30 flat fee for whatever will fit (3mm wide band or larger )

We will engrave most items purchased from Tracy's for 0.75cents per character and NO set up fee (with exception of logos and complex items)

All Prices are approximate and may change depending on the quality of the item and whether it will fit into our machine. Please call Tammy for more details.

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